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May 28, 2020 -


Dear Generalissimo Robles,

I am plugging out and retiring tonight (65+). Will be doubling in menial jobs of the kind you did when you were a humble downtrodden subject of Imperialismo Norteamericano. Wish you every success in your current stupid job, so bravely done amid LGBT scum and a host of American agents. (Fortunately, they’ve been forced to hide the lousiest of their fags in the capital of a neighboring country. Their un-Russian design for a ‘Gay News Network’ has irretrievably fallen through, and I take pride in having played a role in this by furtively bringing forward the 12/9 coup. They are facing an ultimate debacle. Many of them now have their career aspirations dashed. Some will be off the scene for good. Smash ‘em, crush ‘em, squelch ‘em, fuck ‘em! They are on the back foot! Do everything in your power to keep your radio Russian!)
V.V.Putin deserves the highest of praise for his 12/9 decree. He is right. Russia, complete with its media, belongs to its peoples, not imported freemasons or ass-artists!

Salute, Generalissimo. Happy NY. Fare Thee Well.

SA 1st Lt. M.A.Snetkov, Retired


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От кого: Mikhail Snetkov <>
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Дата: Вторник, 25 февраля 2014, 13:28 +04:00
Тема: ДЛЯ Д.К.КИСЕЛЕВА Fwd: от Снеткова

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От кого: Mikhail Snetkov <>
Кому:, alhimova <>
Дата: Вторник, 25 февраля 2014, 13:14 +04:00
Тема: от Снеткова
Виктория Анатольевна, политпогода переменяется столь стремительно, что от всякого рода быстрицких, криворучек и столяров скоро придется старательно отплевываться. В виду сего предлагаю вам спасительный ход: предложить мне восстановиться на работе в должности переводчика РВРА ГР. Это хотя бы отчасти загладило бы ваше сотрудничество с названной предательской сволочью и ваше соучастие в моем увольнении, предпринятом ею по сугубо политическим и отчетливо антироссийским мотивам. Сейчас, к сожалению, ваша карьера в гос. СМИ скользит под откос.

Отказ в моей просьбе, молчание или обман легко истолкуются как сознательный саботаж стратегически важного и критически перенапряженного производства. Я-то знаю, как там сейчас туго и как пригодились бы мой профессиональный опыт и моя проверенная преданность курсу В.В.Путина на всестороннее возрождение России и ее иновещания. - С уважением, М.А.Снетков
Mikhail Snetkov

May 17, 2020 - Welcome to the New Blog. As we rapidly approach our 17th year on-line it has become a time for recollection and a re-analysis of everything we have done, what we have stood for and what, in the summation, we have actually changed. How we have been able to accomplish what we have and everything we have been through in our fight for truth, peace, understanding and justice, is a story worth telling, yet in the final analysis the worth of the story can not be quantified without the weight of the reader, for it is for you dear reader, that we have fought so long and hard. Having said all that I would appreciate your help in spreading knowledge of our existence and in sharing links to our content.

The New Old Blog of the Real Exposer of the US Military Intelligence Complex

May 20, 2020- Several attempts have been made and recorded to entrap us into publishing information that is criminal in nature including blackmail operations and passwords which were published elsewhere and would not have had any value as the companies and organizations concerned would have already taken measures. We publish files and leaks that expose criminality and malfeasance and do not engage in blackmail or illegal hacking.

May 18, 2020 - At this late date I can no longer afford to hold anything back or circumvent issues that may be used to damage or further serve as levers to be used by our enemies to carry out punitive measures against us. Therefore in the next few weeks leading up to our 17 anniversary, which will occur on June 6th, we will be publishing information and files that we have never published or spoken about in the past.     


May 18, 2020 - 

The real problem with PRISM


Contigency Operations Activated By:

Ordered the Operation:

Approved the Operation:

Carried Out and Controlled the Operation:

Filled the Required Operational Orders:

The Making of a State Department Mafia Oligarch: Kisilev or how 480 million listeners and 2,500 Russian patriots were disposed of for the financial gain of a State Department puppet and BND/CIA mole, being protected by a Kremlin mole whose wife was recruited by the CIA.

Driving ambition, insatiable greed, corruption, brutal ruthlessness, an absolute lack of conscience, a deep hatred for one's own people and country and the ability to lie convincingly to millions are characteristics that the CIA would consider to be assets in choosing an agent and those characteristics can be found in the persona of one of the most repulsive and morally repugnant individuals I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.   


Бывший посол США в России Майкл Макфол 20 марта 2014 года сообщил, что Киселёв участвовал в программе Государственного департамента США. Корреспондент Buzzfeed Макс Седдон сообщил, что с 23 по 25 июля 2012 года Киселёв и ещё восемь журналистов из семи стран побывали на встрече, организованной подразделением государственного департамента США Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (англ.)русск. по линии «Программы международного лидерства» и посвящённой «угрозам глобальной безопасности в XXI веке»[121].Киселёв,_Дмитрий_Константинович


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There was a hit on the computer. We have to revoke your passport. Close your fucking site. - CIA Chief of Station Moscow  Joseph Moone

You don't deserve US citizenship since you decided to become a part of Russian society. Give us your children and we might help you get your passport back. - Nancy Pelosi

They are going to throw you in the trunk of a car and take you to a Black Site in Ukraine. - Anonymous

What you do is real journalism we do not need that here. There must only be 9 voices in the world telling people what to do. I will be one of them. - Dimitry Kisilev


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